Advocate for A Better World

What is ABW?

Advocate for a Better World (ABW) is THT's writing initiative, dedicated to releasing 1-2 magazines on a monthly basis. Comprising a diverse team of designers, editors, and writers, ABW is committed to championing important causes such as education, women's empowerment, the right to education, and community engagement and advocacy. Through collaborative endeavors, ABW seeks to foster awareness, foster comprehension, and galvanize backing for a range of issues via impactful campaigns and compelling content, with the ultimate goal of effecting positive change and shaping global policies.

THT's Publications

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Hiring Form:

ABW does rolling reviews for our department. We strive to find volunteers who are not only creative and passionate about Teach Her Today's mission and values, but also volunteers who have good time management skills, organization, and team spirit!

We are ecstatic to see your application and hope to find more volunteers in our family!

Our Leadership:

Aishwarya Immanuelraj | Chief Editor

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Phone Number: +1 (832)-586-1625

Arav Karnik | Writing Manager

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