Teach Her Today


THT (Teach Her Today) is a global nonprofit led by teenagers, dedicated to providing free STEM and finance education and advocating for women's education. Through publications, podcasts, online tutoring, distribution of STEM and Core Curriculum Kits, and an incubator program, THT inspires individuals to initiate positive change. Operating in six countries, THT was founded by Trisha Jha in April 2022 and has a team of over 280 dedicated teenagers advancing its mission.

Our Values:

Integrity  |   Compassion  |  Empowerment   |  Accessibility

Teach Her Today's Executive Board:

Trisha Jha

Chief Executive Officer/ Founder

Jili Dai

Chief Of Operations

Vishanth Yoganand

Chief Technology Officer

Niru Mahadev

Chief Communications Officer

Change Starts with You!


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What We Do


Advocation is one of our 3 main pillars for THT. Women's access to education is severely underrepresented and unknown, as many believe that gender equality has been achieved in academia. Spreading awareness about the existing inequality and providing aid to those in need ensures that one day, everybody will truly have access to education, everywhere.


Social Media


Hold Classes

THT, in collaboration with other organizations, holds classes nationally, enriching the unprivileged with a high-quality education that they otherwise might not have access to!

Financial Literacy Program


Kit Development

We send STEM kits and Core Curriculum kits containing stationaries, textbooks, and a specialized math curriculum all around the world. The listed supplies are as follows.

Engineering Education

Math Syllabus 

Stationery Items